March 6, 2017

Historical Trends of Beach Erosion

After proper analysis of all the available optical data for the pilot beaches, the upper (landward) limits of 3 different zones that define the wet/dry beach face have been extracted: (1) swash zone (2) wave run-up zone and (3) water presence, as shown in the figure below for the Pontamos and Agios Georgios beaches in Chalki and Agathonisi respectively.


Recording 3 different wet/dry beach face limits from the satellite images of Pontamos (Chalki) and Agios Georgios (Agathonisi) beaches


The landward limit of the swash zone was used as coastline limit for each available date of the optical imagery, while the distance of specific cross-shore section points from a baseline point was estimated. Thus, coastline spatio-temporal variability was extensively studied for each beach.


Records and quantification of coastline distance from stable baseline points at specific cross-shore beach sections, for the available dates of satellite imagery in Eresos (Lesvos) and Kamari (Thira) beaches.


Specific morphodynamic features of the pilot beaches were detected and quantified after studying the variability of the coastline. On this way specific erosion and accretion sections of each pilot beach have been recorded.


Erosion and accretion sections identified from the comparison of coastline variability at different dates for the beaches of Masouri (Kalymnos) and Kamari (Thira)

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