March 6, 2017

Awareness Actions

Environmental Education Program

In order to increase student’s awareness regarding coastal erosion, an Environmental Education Program (EEP) was created and implemented to the students of two senior primary school classes  in  Kalloni (35 students) and Mesotopos (12 students). The students  participated in two field trips that took place to several beaches of Lesvos. Results showed that  students were aware about the problem of coastal erosion.  During the field trips 60% of them observed erosion phenomena, whereas more than 90% of the students are willing to repeat the educational program.

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Public awareness regarding beach erosion

A questionnaire survey was held in Mytilene city in order to raise public awareness regarding the erosion phenomena that are evident around the island. Most of the participants declared that coastal erosion affects their daily life on some way, being not satisfied with the strategies implicated by the local authorities. A large number of people recognizes the human footprint in accelerating erosion phenomena, whereas most of them are aware about coastal protection measures. It was important that most of the participants were willing to pay a small amount for coastal protection.

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