May 29, 2016

Preliminary Results

Research is in-progress and data are still being collected from the pilot beaches.  Preliminary results from the analysis for Lesvos island selected sites (Eresos and Tsamakia beaches) are presented below.

Eresos_Topo-Bathy    Tsamakia_bathymetry_07.March.2016

Recent topo-bathymetric maps of Eresos (left) and Tsamakia (right) beaches.

Eresos_Highest_Burst_Recs Eresos_Burst_Spectrum

Hydrodynamic results from Eresos Beach: ADV records for 1 burst (left() and the wave spectrum for the same burst (right).

Tsamakia_Low-Pass_Vel_23-24.March.2016 Tsamakia_Mean Current Flow, Tb and Waves_23-24.March.2016Hydrodynamic results from Tsamakia Beach: ADV velocity records (left) and  main components of the hydrodynamic regime (right).


Modelling results for Eresos Beach under recorded forcing conditions: Hydrodynamic output (left) and predicted morphodynamic changes (right).

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