May 29, 2016

Meetings and Press Releases

There have been several Skype meetings/sessions between the University of the Aegean and CICERO institute to plan the work. In addition, there have been several meetings with the other partners. Specifically there have been meeings with the Lesvos Municipality (3 meetings, including a formal presentation – see attachment- of the Project to the Lesvos Mayor and Deputy mayors in Eresos 20/02/2016), with the Chios Municipality (3 meetings with the Deputy Mayor responsible for public works) and the Thira Municipality (meeting with the Mayors and several meeings with stakeholders).

Meeting Proceedings – Presentations

21 February 2016 :   Presentation, Eresos – Meeting with the local authorities

01 March 2016      :   Presentation – Kick Off Meeting

13 May 2016          :   Press Release , Santorini Meeting with local authorities


Articles published in the press


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