May 29, 2016


Agathonisi has 8 beaches of limited dimensions which are expected to experience significant reduction in their size according to the future projected sea level rise.

Projected beach retreat for the 8 beaches of Agathonisi, based in the reduction (% percent) of their max. recorded width


Agios Georgios

The beach of Agios Georgios is located at the island’s main settlement. It is a major touristic beach, despite its tiny dimensions (a length of about 75 m and a maximum width of about 10 m). It has a southerly orientation and is built on coarse sediments. During winter, and following strong southerly winds/waves, the beach can face high hydrodynamic energy that may result in its complete (temporal) erosion/flooding.  High detailed topo-bathymetric and bed morphological maps of the wider area enclosing the beach were created from the data collected during the field works.

(Left): The transects followed during the field works in Agathonisi. (Center and right): High resolution bed morphological and bathymetric maps

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